NHAI records highest daily toll collection at Rs 86.2 crore: Chairman

 Even the greatest daily cost set by way of electronic equipment of FASTags continues to be listed Rs 50 crore (single-day set ) at January 20 20 compared to the Rs 2-3 crore at November 20-19.

"'' The NHAI has listed its greatest toll set on daily basis at R S 86.2 crore two weeks straight back," Sandhu claimed at nationwide Highways Excellence celebrity 20-19 on Tuesday.
Sandhu reported that the everyday trades by way of FASTags also have climbed up to approximately thirty lakh a day at January 20 20 from 8 lakh at July 20-19.  He also said the Jodhpur toll plaza at Jaipur area has stirred the others in execution of FASTags with approximately 9 1 percent of toll set occurring by way of FASTags.

The us government has recently gathered FASTag-based digital toll set mechanism in December 1-5 cross toll plazas of this NHAI.  The federal government has cautioned using FASTags around at 75 percent barrels of toll plazas and also has restricted access to money style of repayment to your max of twenty five percent barrels of toll plazas.

FASTags-based toll selection technique was rolled out over over 527 federal highways.

Toll plazas at Bhopal and Gandhinagar also have performed nicely in FASTag implementation,'' he also included. 
NHAI Documents Premier daily Cost Set at R S 86.2 crore: Chairman

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